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Elegance makes beautiful second time brides

October 20, 2011

Worried about what you should wear down the aisle for the second time? What color can you wear? Is white still appropriate? Black is slimming, red is celebratory and pastels are civilized. What about attendants? It can all be very confusing.

We offer the following advice for second time brides:
· Choose a simple, elegant or sophisticated look. For morning weddings you may wear a semi-formal or informal dress from ankle to floor length or even a suit. For afternoon to evening, a sheath with a jacket or a floor length gown is most appropriate.
· Two-piece A great option is an elegant two-piece ensemble. These styles are incredibly flattering and elegant and may be worn again as separates to formal events.
· Color Subtle shades of pink, blue, yellow and lilac are trendy among bridal designers and are deemed perfect for second time brides. Choose a color palette with tones flattering to your skin and personality.
· Veils You may wear a chin length veil if you desire, since this is your day and you should wear what makes you feel beautiful. Longer veils and trains are traditionally reserved for first time brides.
· White Yes, you may wear a white dress, although many second brides prefer ivory for a more flattering look. But white dresses are no longer forbidden, Just avoid princess and traditional bridal gowns because you may have outgrown that look.
· Sleeker gowns in fabrics like silk crepe and silk twill are a sophisticated and beautiful options. However, your fabric choices may depend on the season or the climate where you are getting married.
For outdoor summertime or tropical weddings, choose fabrics such as sheer chiffons or organza. In colder climates satin, silk faille or silk shantung are good choices.
Remember, it’s your day! You can go all out for wedding number two! The key is to be true to your personal style, wear something you find comfortable and suits the type of ceremony you have chosen. Above all, wear what makes you look and feel beautiful.