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July 4, 2012

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Wedding Makeup and Photography Tips

June 20, 2011

Our guest blogger this month is Angelica Criscuolo of Angelica Criscuolo Photography. She’s offering our readers some tips and insights into wedding photography. Her first blog will be on “Makeup tips for wedding photography”.

How important is makeup for your wedding photographs? Not wearing any makeup can leave you looking pale and washed out. Remember ladies, you are wearing a white or ivory dress and your husband to be is wearing a dark suit. Your dress will reflect light (even under the sun and without using flash) so once that flash goes off, more light will hit your face since it will bounce from your dress. The unnatural nature of flashes leaves a person looking overexposed and pale. If you have a darker complexion, that doesn’t mean you’ll be OK. A darker complexion absorbs light more easily, which still leaves the face looking “flat” if it is not highlighted properly using the proper makeup technique. Even in natural light, the camera will not be perfect. So it will still need help from you to make sure your memories of one of the most important days of your life is captured to perfection. You’ll usually hear a photographer tell their brides to wear a bit more makeup because it does get picked up better in photographs. If you have an experienced makeup artist, they should know how to avoid a heavy makeup look and create a natural look and ensure that you’ll be a beautiful bride on your wedding day.
I always advise my clients to go to their favorite make-up counters at MAC, Sephora, Saks, Macy’s or Bloomingdales and test their primers, foundation, lipsticks and eye shadows. Your makeup artist can also recommend a few products that you can test and you can bring the products to your trial. Once you have your trial, have a friend take a picture of you under natural light and then with a flash. This way you can tell if you need your eyes to pop more, or need more or less blush, etc. Your makeup person can adjust as needed to ensure that you look your best.

-Angelica Criscuolo
Angelica Criscuolo Photography

***Special Tip***
When I shoot weddings I always remind clients to remember to have facial blotters and lipstick or lip gloss with you the day of the wedding. Have your maid of honor or a friend carry it for quick access if needed.